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When you visit any type of business, like an office building or a mall, or go out for a walk, you never expect that you’ll end up getting seriously injured. Most of us assume that places we go every day like this are perfectly safe, so there’s no reason to worry about anything happening. However, public and residential places aren’t always as maintained as they should be. When property owners neglect spaces where others will be walking, they risk people falling and suffering severe injuries.

If you were seriously injured due to a fall caused by someone else’s neglect, you might be able to receive compensation. At The Moran Law Group, our Scranton law firm is here to help those suffering from a fall win compensation for their accident.  

What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can be complicated if you don’t have experience handling them. Plenty of people fall while they’re out, but that doesn’t mean they need the help of a lawyer. Property owners need to keep walkways safe to prevent people from getting injured, and if their negligence caused you to get injured on their property, you could have a slip and fall accident case.

Here are a few causes of slip and fall accidents that could require a slip and fall lawyer in Scranton, PA. 

Obstructed Walkways 

Keeping walkways clear is essential for people to pass through safely. Clutter can build up quickly, such as electrical wires and cords, making it difficult for people to walk safely. Walkways should always be kept clear, and any items left out should be cleaned up quickly. 

Uneven Walkways

Ripped carpet, uneven floorboards, and uneven sidewalks are common examples of uneven walkways. These aren’t always noticeable and can easily cause a person to trip. If uneven walkways are in the process of being fixed, they should be marked to alert everyone so they can walk with caution. 

Wet Floors

Wet floors can easily lead to someone slipping and getting hurt. Spills are bound to happen, and any business needs to clean their floors from time to time, so wet floors are to be expected, but these need to be marked. While the area is drying or waiting to be cleaned up, a sign should be put out to let everyone know the floor is wet. 

Poorly Lit Walkways

Property owners need to keep areas where people will be walking properly lit. In poorly lit areas, people cannot see obstacles in their way and can trip easily, which can be extremely dangerous in areas where there’s debris or on staircases. 

Get Help From a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Scranton, PA

Knowing whether or not you need a lawyer after being injured by a fall can be difficult. However, it’s in your best interest to contact a lawyer with experience working with these cases to know for sure. At The Moran Law Group, we’ll help determine if you need to take legal action and work hard to help you receive compensation if you’ve been seriously injured due to another person’s neglect. We have the experience and knowledge that you need to win your case.

Contact The Moran Law Group today to discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer in Scranton.