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Abuse can be extremely difficult to discuss and can significantly affect victims and their loved ones’ lives. Unfortunately, crimes and abuse can happen to anyone. The people who commit these acts are often people we expect to trust, such as caretakers for children or the elderly, church members, parents, and spouses. When abuse occurs, the victim might not realize they can do anything to get help. No matter what crime or abuse a victim experiences, the physical and emotional effects can last a lifetime and are often challenging to overcome.

If you or a loved one were the victims of a criminal act or abuse, you might not know where to turn to for help. In situations like this, seeking help and talking about your situation may be challenging to do, which is why you need to work with a team you can trust.

At The Moran Law Group, abuse victims can work with an experienced crime victim lawyer in Scranton, PA, who is here to provide legal help that is desperately needed to receive justice. 

Common Examples of Abuse

Physical abuse may often be what many people think of when they think of abuse. However, abuse goes far beyond physical wounds, as physically and emotionally painful as these may be. Abuse can also be verbal, sexual, psychological, and even financial. Anyone can commit an act of abuse against another person, but in many instances, a person in a position of power is abusive towards a more vulnerable person. Many forms of abuse aren’t visible, so they can go unnoticed by others and can be difficult to prove. 

Here are common examples of abuse that we handle at The Moran Law Group.

Nursing Home Abuse

Seniors in nursing homes are some of the most common victims of abuse. Nursing home residents may suffer physical abuse, such as assault, or improper use of drugs and restraints, from their caretakers. Emotional, sexual, and financial abuse also occurs in nursing homes. Negligence such as falls and bedsores can also affect seniors in nursing homes. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help if your loved one was abused in a nursing home.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery involves an act of physical violence but can also include threats of violence. There are many instances when assault and battery can occur. In these cases, a victim could have suffered from an act of violence intentionally committed by another person or received a threat that reasonably made them believe they were in danger. 

Child Abuse 

Like seniors, children are common abuse victims, including physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse. People meant to care for children, such as parents, teachers, and coaches can commit child abuse. As children depend on the adults in their lives to care for them, negligence like poor hygiene and unsafe housing can sometimes also count as child abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse, such as rape, is extremely traumatic and heavily stigmatized. Sexual abuse may seem like a type of physical abuse, but this can include non-physical types of abuse, such as threats or harassment. Statutory rape is also a form of sexual abuse. 

Since the type of crime and abuse a victim may have faced can vary significantly, victims must work with lawyers who understand their unique cases. For example, a victim injured in an armed robbery is very different from a sexual assault victim. Both of these victims who suffer from a crime committed against them deserve justice and can be helped by a crime and abuse lawyer. At The Moran Law Group, we have the experience that can help victims of various types of abuse. 

Dedicate Crime Victims & Abuse Lawyer in Scranton, PA

Suffering from abuse can leave a person feeling extremely vulnerable and alone. Dealing with the physical and emotional damages caused by abuse is extremely difficult, especially if someone attempts to do this on their own. Medical treatment may be needed if a person suffered physical abuse, and any abuse victim may need therapy to recover, but this may be something that never fully goes away. At The Moran Law Group, we understand how difficult this is to go through and will work hard to see that our clients receive the justice they deserve. 

After suffering any type of abuse, an experienced and compassionate legal team can be a huge asset. Contact The Moran Law Group to speak with an abuse lawyer in Scranton, PA, today.