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We all know that you need to do it responsibly to keep yourself and others safe when you drink alcohol. While it’s important that everyone knows their limits and practice safe actions, like ensuring that you have a designated driver if you’ve been drinking, it’s not always only up to the individual. When you’re out drinking at a public place, like a bar or a pub, that establishment also has a duty to not over-serve intoxicated guests.  

Intoxicated people can be a huge risk to themselves and others, especially if they attempt to get behind a vehicle’s wheel. If you or a loved one has been injured by an intoxicated person, such as in a car accident in Scranton, PA, you may have a liquor liability and dram shop claim against the establishment that served them. 

At The Moran Law Group, we can provide legal support to victims who have been injured by an intoxicated person and believe they have dram shop claims in Scranton, PA. 

What are Dram Shop Laws?

Dram shop may be a term that many people today are unfamiliar with. A dram shop can be an establishment like a bar, restaurant, hotel, or anywhere else serving alcoholic drinks, and they have certain laws they have to follow to serve alcohol to guests. These laws require any establishment that serves alcohol to do so responsibly and take extra precautions when serving guests. Establishments that serve alcohol can turn down customers ordering drinks and are expected to do this in certain situations to keep everyone safe. 

Suppose servers and bartenders see an already visibly intoxicated person, or they have good reason to believe a person is underaged. In that case, they have a responsibility not to serve them alcohol. This isn’t the only type of situation dram shop laws cover, however. Even if guests are of legal drinking age and aren’t noticeably intoxicated, any establishment serving alcohol still needs to have a liquor license to be selling it and can’t sell it after hours. 

While individuals need to act responsibly when consuming alcohol, establishments that serve them can also play a large role in the damage an intoxicated person can cause. Had an establishment taken the precautions required to serve alcohol, the intoxicated person may not have caused the harm that occurred. Proving that an establishment was negligent and should not have been serving alcohol to a guest can be difficult, which is why you need the help of an experienced attorney. A lawyer trained to work with specific cases is extremely important, just like you would want an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Scranton if you were injured in a motorcycle accident.

Get Help with Liquor Liability & Dram Shop Claims in Scranton, PA

Any damage or injury caused by alcohol is avoidable, which can make serious accidents caused by drinking even more painful for those involved. When an establishment may be responsible for serving an individual alcohol, you need a lawyer who knows how to handle these specific cases to hold them accountable. The Moran Law Group is here to help those who have been injured by an intoxicated person receive compensation for the damages they’ve suffered. 

Contact us to learn more about liquor liability and dram shop claims and how The Moran Law Group can help.