Veterans Views: September 16, 2019

Judge Munley and Atty. Moran will discuss the CM as it is an evidence-based practice that promotes healthy behavior through positive reinforcement, such as giving rewards for abstaining from unhealthy behavior. CM is based on the principle that a behavior will increase if it is followed by a reward.

Lawsuit Filed in Sexual Abuse Case


SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) A lawsuit has been filed in a sexual abuse case involving a former vocational instructor.

The Moran Law Group is representing four students who were sexually abused by former Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County automotive instructor, Richard Humphrey.

Victims Claim School Harassed Whistleblowers


SCRANTON, Pa. -- Students sexually assaulted by a vocational school teacher in Scranton thought that school life would get better when that teacher was fired and later went to jail for his crimes, but lawyers for these teens say their problems continued.

Two Honors for Attorney Lawrence J. Moran, Sr.

Prominent Attorney is named to The PA  Board of Law Examiners while also receiving a  rare dual trial certification.

It’s been a busy week for Scranton based attorney Lawrence J. Moran, Sr.   The well-known personal injury and criminal lawyer was tapped by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to serve on the...

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