Accidents are part of everyday life in the United States. When you step out of your door, there’s no telling what fate can befall you or someone close to you. And, while we certainly cannot live as though something bad is always just around the corner, we would all do well to prepare for the occasion when we accidentally get hurt and need some help recovering.

At The Moran Law Group, we are set up to do exactly that. When you call us to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Carbondale, PA, you get an experienced professional who is knowledgeable enough to know if you have a personal injury case and what can be done about it.

The fact is that, if you get injured through someone else’s negligence, you have legal rights that you must exercise. An injured party should not be financially burdened for pain and suffering if someone else’s carelessness caused it all. You are owed compensation, and The Moran Law Group can secure it for you.

Here are three accident types that could lead to personal injury and entitle you to restitution to help you understand.

Car Accidents

Thousands of car accidents occur in the United States every day. They can happen for any number of reasons, from bad weather conditions to drunk driving.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause substantial property damages in short amounts of time, but we run into further problems when injuries are involved. While property is replaceable, your health is not.

If you were injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault–for instance, if the other driver was not paying attention–you may have a personal injury case. Many times, opposing insurance companies want to shortchange you on what they will pay for your damages.

The Moran Law Group will fight to ensure you receive every penny you are owed.

Dog Bites

Many people look to dogs as loyal and friendly companions. However, as we know, accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Someone else’s dog biting and injuring you is a problem. This is particularly true when the person caring for the dog was responsible for preventing it from harming someone.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog and need medical care, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. The liable party’s insurance should be compensating you for your medical bills and pain and suffering. You, as the victim, should not be troubled by those costs.

Contact a Moran personal injury lawyer in Carbondale, PA, if you have suffered a dog bite. We will take on your case and seek the justice you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Most doctors and other healthcare professionals are responsible for their delivery of medical care to the public. Every so often, however, someone makes a mistake that injures an innocent patient.

From a misdiagnosis to leaving surgical instruments inside patients, these mistakes can be costly for your health. Medical malpractice is no joke.

At The Moran Law Group, we work with medical experts to determine if an action taken by a doctor was appropriate or if it deviated from the standard of care. If we find the provider to have acted inappropriately upon causing your injury, we will demand the restitution that is rightfully yours.

Money can’t take away what happened, but it can make your recovery a lot easier.

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