Unfortunately, abuse is something that happens to many people every day. While abuse in many forms is common, it’s something that many struggle to talk about. Anyone can be the victim of abuse, and the abuser is often someone you should be able to trust or a person in a position of power, such as parents, spouses, or caretakers. It can be difficult for abuse victims to speak up about their situation and even harder to start taking steps to get justice. At The Moran Law Group, we know how difficult it can be for abuse victims to seek help and want them to feel safe working with us. 

If you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse, an abuse lawyer in Jermyn, PA, can help. We can provide expert legal support that can help victims get the compensation and justice they deserve so they can focus on healing. 

Types of Abuse

There are several different forms of abuse, and while they’re all different, they can all be extremely traumatizing for the victim. Some may also experience more than one type of abuse. It’s important to know the various ways that abuse can occur to know if you or someone you love may be the victim of abuse so you can get the proper help.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the type of abuse that people may think of first when they think of abuse. There are many examples of this type of abuse, but they all involve using physical force against someone. This can include actions like kicking, slapping, shoving, and using physical restraint. Physical abuse can also include things like throwing objects at someone or using weapons against them. 

Mental and Emotional Abuse

Mental and emotional abuse may seem like they could be the same thing, and they often use similar tactics, but there are some slight differences. Mental abuse can lead to an abuser completely changing the way the victim thinks. This can include things like convincing the victim that certain events never actually occurred. Emotional abuse often involves actions like name-calling, criticism, and humiliation.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can often be very difficult for victims to talk about. The most well-known example of sexual abuse may be rape for most people, but this is not the only way sexual abuse occurs. While many examples of sexual abuse involve non-consensual physical actions, they can also be non-physical. Other actions, like verbal harassment, can also be considered sexual abuse. 

Financial Abuse

Using finances against a person is also a common abuse tactic. By taking control over a person’s financial situation, they can easily take control over the person, since without money, they have little power and independence. An abuser may prevent a victim from getting a job so that they have no income. Financial abuse can also occur if a person earns their own money, but an abuser doesn’t allow them to control their bank accounts. 


Neglect often occurs to those who are the most vulnerable, like children, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. This can happen when someone who depends on someone to care for them doesn’t have basic needs met. Some examples of neglect include failing to provide food, medical treatment, or safe living conditions for a dependent. 

Let an Abuse Lawyer in Jermyn, PA, Help

No one should be subjected to any type of abuse. However, since this is, unfortunately, a common occurrence, it’s important that abuse victims know that there is help available. At The Moran Law Group, we’re dedicated to helping abuse victims and ensuring that they have the support they need during this difficult time. We’ll work closely with you so that you know you have a legal team that you can rely on. 

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