Most of us expect to trust people in positions of power, but unfortunately, they can sometimes cause serious harm. In many cases, people suffer abuse from those who were supposed to protect them, such as parents and caretakers. Although many people suffer from abuse, this is something that many find difficult to talk about, and some might feel like they can’t share this information with others. Asking for help for yourself or a loved one after being abused is a huge step to take, but it’s essential to know that there are professionals available who will help and listen. 

At The Moran Law Group, we help people who have suffered from abuse get compensation for the damages their abuser has caused for them. We’ll be here to support you with an abuse lawyer in Carbondale, PA, who’s experienced in handling these complex cases.

Common Types of Abuse

Abuse can happen in multiple different settings. The exact type of abuse people suffer from can also vary, with some experiencing physical abuse while others suffer from emotional abuse, to name just a few examples. While the type of abuse varies, all abuse victims can suffer for years after the abuse occurs. A person’s mental and physical health may suffer from abuse, and the effects of abuse may never fully leave them. 

Here are some of the most common types of abuse that occur. 

Child Abuse

Many children suffer at the hands of those who are supposed to care for them. Children depend on the adults in their lives to provide for them and protect them. However, children can be abused by parents, other family members, caretakers, teachers, and more. Child abuse can include physical, mental, and sexual abuse but also includes neglect, such as not providing them with basic necessities. 

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse occurs in intimate partnerships and between partners who live together. One partner abuses the other to have control over the relationship. This can include physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and more types of abuse. Domestic abuse is extremely common, and many who suffer from this type of abuse don’t realize they’re being abused. 

Nursing Home Abuse

It’s common to move older family members to nursing homes when it’s no longer safe for them to live independently. You trust the professionals at the nursing home to care for them, but nursing home abuse is a common occurrence. The exact type of abuse seniors experience in nursing homes varies but can include physical and emotional abuse. As with children who rely on their caretakers, seniors who depend on caretakers to meet their basic needs can also be neglect victims, including medical neglect.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery can lead to serious injuries and cause severe trauma for those who experience it. This includes both threatening to cause harm to a person, attempting to do it,  actually acting on it. Some examples of assault and battery include physically hitting a person or threatening them with a weapon. 

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No one should have to suffer from abuse, but this is, unfortunately, a reality for many people, making the work of abuse lawyers extremely important. At The Moran Law Group, we provide the support that abuse victims desperately need. We know how difficult it is to get help after suffering from abuse and want you to know that we’ll provide dedicated legal assistance to help get you through it. 

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