It’s no wonder that car accidents are among the most common causes of personal injuries in the United States: about six million car crashes occur every year in the country.

That seems like an almost impossible number, but with that kind of figure comes a risk for essentially everyone who drives. You just can’t trust that other drivers are always in the right frames of mind to be out on the road.

If the negligence of another motorist caused you to suffer personal and financial injury, you might be entitled to collect compensation from the liable party.

When you need a car accident lawyer in Carbondale, PA, call the Moran Law Group. Every day, we use our 50 combined years of legal experience to defend personal injury victims’ rights in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and we want to do the same for you.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

If you’ve never been in a crash or needed an injury lawyer before, you might be wondering why you might need legal representation if you have insurance.

Deal with Insurance Companies

On that point, let’s start directly with the insurance companies. These are for-profit businesses that make money by taking people’s premiums and avoiding payouts as much as possible. After you’ve been in a car accident caused by someone else, your provider will likely be in touch with the other driver’s insurance to determine what to pay you for your losses.

Sometimes, though, insurers find the most minor details to justify not paying you. Insurance companies that don’t operate on the level with you after an accident are a great reason to get a car accident lawyer in Carbondale, PA, involved.

Calculate Your Losses

While this communication is going on with the insurance companies, your lawyers will examine the evidence from your accident to determine what happened and, more importantly, what the aftermath has been like for you.

If you were seriously hurt, we will obtain medical records and calculate lost wages to develop a figure for your losses. You should not be made to bear these financial burdens if you did not cause your accident.

The final number we agree on will be factored into the settlement we demand from the liable party. Physical and mental pain and suffering play a role in your final figure, as well.

Go to Court if Necessary

With car accidents and other personal injury cases, going to court against the other party is fairly uncommon. That’s because most insurance companies choose to settle beforehand since the details of the settlement are more easily controlled in those environments.

However, on the rare chance that your personal injury claim does go to court, we will be right there to file the correct paperwork and defend your right to compensation. Preparing for court is what any responsible personal injury lawyer in Carbondale, PA, would do, even if it never comes to that.

Let Our Car Accident Lawyers in Carbondale, PA, Help You

At the Moran Law Group, our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience defending accident victims from those who would violate their rights to compensation.

If you’ve been hurt or suffered property damage in a car accident caused by someone else, let us know about it. We will work every day to secure the settlement you need to recover.

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